Misting Tent Low Pressure

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Mistcooling Inc’s durable, low-pressure white or blue Canopy outdoor-cooling Misting Tent provides instant relief from sizzling heat. A cool, sporty canopy provides shade while the cooling mist reduces temperatures by up to 30°F. Perfect for keeping guests cool at summer birthday parties, cool misting Rehab at sporting events, or hosting clients in a cool mist air Event Tent. Easy set up in 10 minutes.


Someone in your organization scheduled a 10K run/walk in the dead of summer heat in one of the hottest regions in the country. It’s your job to pull off a well-planned, successful event. When the runners come in, they will need relief from the extreme heat they have built up in their bodies. Aside from providing water and other replenishing drinks, they may need cool misting rehab. How to provide sufficient, genuinely cool air is your problem to solve.


Mist Cooling Inc’s affordable, low-pressure white or blue Canvas outdoor Cooling Misting Tent provides immediate relief from the sizzling heat by releasing cooling mist in the application area. It’s an instant solution to cooling down 10K participants. A fresh, sporty canvas provides shade while the cooling mist reduces temperatures by up to 30°F. Participants will remember you provided them with a way to cool off or even recover after their run with shaded cool air mist, and they will spread the word increasing the number of attendees who register, and enter themselves again at next year’s event. A win-win!


Perfect for keeping guests cool at summer birthday parties or during July 4th fireworks celebrations, cool misting Rehab for construction or plant workers, farmers market booth, weddings, hosting clients in a cool mist air event tent, or for use as a booth at a farmer’s market.


* Cools outdoor temperatures by up to 30°F

* Full cooling mist coverage on all 4 sides

* Stainless-Steel Cool Misting Nozzles are rust-resistant

* Pre-Assembled system saves you the time and stress of putting it together yourself

* Easy Set up in 10 minutes or less

* Direction of cool mist nozzles can be adjusted for shifts in wind

* Aluminum Tent Frame is durable and will not rust

* Heavy-duty quality Canvas will last for years

* Operates on city water pressure

* Accommodates 16 to 35 people depending upon seating style


* 10’ x 10’ Durable White or Blue Canvas

* Weighs 40 Pounds

* Air Craft-Quality Aluminum Frame

* 12 Brass/Stainless-Steel-Orifice Misting Nozzles pre-assembled on UV-Protected Misting Tubing

* Misting Supply Line attaches to standard garden hose or faucet to operate

* Directional (Adjustable) Spray Misting

* 3’ Spacing between Nozzles

* Easily Customize with multi-color Logos and Text

* Blue canvas also available

The old sku number is MC395

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