Cool Energy AC Mister

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Save as much as 30 percent on your energy bills this summer by installing our advanced and revolutionary cool energy AC misting system. By installing this system near your AC condenser unit, you can easily achieve the ideal temperature inside your home, enjoy amazing energy savings and reduce the AC unit’s run time.


• Low water Usage with ultrafine Mist nozzles
• Saves up to 30% on Summer Electricity Bill -
• Eco-Friendly and Efficient -
• Quick and Easy to install -
• System is expandable for larger units
• Includes 3 Month Scale Free Water Treatement Filter
• Uses less than 6 cents of water per day

This cool energy AC misting system is designed to cool the hot air around the AC condenser coil before it enters the unit. Since the air going into the condenser coil is already 20 to 30 times cooler, it puts less pressure on the condenser and compressor coil to cool the air. This further reduces the run time of your air-conditioning unit as optimal room temperature is quickly achieved, thereby saving you big on energy bills.

This system is super easy to set up. It features a mist controller which connects to the 24 AC thermostats current on your AC unit. It then automatically activates the cool mist the moment your AC turns on. Similarly, the mist turns off as soon your AC unit powers off.

To get started, all you have to do is attach the system with your outdoor water faucet or garden hose. It is designed to work best at city water pressure between 40 and 100psi.

Another feature worth mentioning is the scale control filtration which prevents condenser coil scaling and clogging of the nozzles. The screen filter on the other hand, is another value-adding feature that prevents heavy dust and debris from lowering coil performance.

It uses less energy and less water. Thus, its operational cost is fairly low. At MistCooling Inc, we also offer you the convenience to get AC misters, custom designed. Besides residential use, they can also be custom configured for large scale commercial use.


Base Kit Of Cool energy AC precooling mister consists of:

• 24vac Automatic Mist Controller with on/off switch (110v and 220v also available)
• Scale Treatment Filter with proven results
• 3 - Ultrafine Brass/Stainless Steel Orifice Mist Nozzles
• 20ft Flexible UV Coated Tubing
• 3/4" Garden Hose Adapter
• Leak Proof Compression Misting Tees
• All necessary fittings and hardware for easy installation

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