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PTOS AND SCHOOL FUNDS I remember when my son was in elementary, the first big PTO event was the school carnival. From digging in sand piles to find treasures like donated Happy Meal toys, to face painting, games, races, and cupcakes and pies for sale. These events are a lot of effort, but back then, I was up for it. Baking cupcakes to sell, helping with set up, take down, and run games. Those are precious times for a Mom and her kid(s). Dads even manage to show up which is really heart-warming. It all pays off with pictures for the annual yearbook and raises good money for much-needed school supplies and equipment around the school.

The PTO is a vital part of school life; I’ve seen the difference in areas where there is little to no parent involvement in poorer areas where parents have little to no time to donate to the school. So, if you have the time and even if you don’t have a little one, dive into this 2018-2019 school year and volunteer with resources to help out schools without a PTO! It genuinely makes a difference.

I cannot think of a cooler thing for a PTO to rent than Mist Cooling Inc’s Inflatable Mist Cooling Arc – it’s big, blue, and showy, and serves a purpose for those early hot school days, especially in concrete parking lots or on b-ball courts where many carnivals are held. It’s also available for purchase (use it year after year!) Brandable, i.e., “Lake Forest Elementary School” on the Arc’s top, sides, or both.  It’s durable, easy to clean, lightweight to carry (weighs 20 lbs when deflated), easy to set up and take down. Measures 16′ x 16′ x 12′ high when inflated. Reduces hot temperatures in the application area by up to 30°F. Hooks up to a common garden hose or spigot and operates on city water pressure. And it’s big, BLUE, and flashy! It would also make a wonderful football game entry Arc for your school team! Optional battery pack available.

See also our Inflatable Full-Size Mist Cooling Tent with 1500psi High-Pressure Cool Misting Pump for rent or to purchase. For more information, to rent, or to purchase, call 281.633.0109, email, or visit

Here’s wishing you a year full of PTO fundraising successes!

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Cool Misting Full Size Tent
Inflatable Mist Cooling Tent with 1500psi High-Pressure Pump

Traditionally, we think of “Summer” as ending in August. But who are we kidding here? We’ve got hot temperatures in September that are often higher than in previous months! I’ve thought about all of the activities I want to enjoy before school starts. Most of them are pretty typical, one is pretty cool. So I am sharing them with you, hoping it will generate ideas for all of us. The Classic – going to the Movies in a cool-dark theatre. In between, hitting the arboretums in town where there are shade trees and I can take my trusty Windchiller Hand-Held Mist Fan to keep me going. Another cool place to hang out is a museum. There’s quite a selection here in Houston including the usual MFA and Modern Arts Museums; we even have a Funeral Museum – I know, the wrong kind of “cool.” Boston MFA, LA County, St. Louis MFA, Chicago Art Institute, and of course the Met in NYC are all favorites of mine. A trip to Austin is always cooling; same heat but without humidity. 90°F is a lot more tolerable without moisture. My favorite plan this year is taking my son for his first hour of flight in a Cessna 179 before the start of school. Last, but definitely not least, there’s swimming. I have not been swimming this 2018 summer, and I work for a company that provides Pool Coolers! Last summer I was in a pool in August, and after about 30 minutes, the joy of the pool left me so I got out. Swimming in that pool was like sitting in a hot tub which was not the experience I wanted. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been back in a pool.

Well, this year I know about the Pool Cooler Patented. It’s a well-engineered product similar to the Pool Chillers but affordable, like $80/Pool Cooler vs. $1600+/Pool Chiller. The Pool Cooler Patented is super easy to install in an inground pool. You don’t have to struggle to remove all of the pool wall components before attaching the pool cooler, you just remove the eyeball and ring (easy), then insert the pool cooler, and you are ready to enjoy a refreshing swim! We also have an Above-Ground Pool Cooler, and it also is easy to install. Both will reduce pool water by up to 10°F, and that’s enough to make a real difference in water temperature. As a bonus Pool Cooler benefit, it generates better water circulation which helps keep your pool clean. Plus, the curtains of mist are fun for kids and adults! Don’t wait on this one, it’s an excellent choice for a relatively small sum.

Whatever is on your 2018 summer bucket list, we wish you the best and safest of experiences in all of it.

Happy Swimming!
Mist Cooling Inc.

Today, Sacramento is looking at a high of 104°F. Palm Springs will have a high of 119°F. Houston will experience 100°F, and Las Vegas will be a crispy 111°F all the way through Saturday. These are the temperatures for many cities and whole states this year. Likely, there will not be a break in August. And, we may be facing a more permanent weather trend continuing into next year.

The number one priority for all of us is the health of people and animals. If you don’t have your health, everything else fades in comparison. A paramount priority for this summer needs to be protection from heat-stress and heat-stroke to keep ourselves, employees, families, and animals safe; checking on our neighbors to make sure they’re safe, and maybe even pooling resources and donating fans or portable A/C units to people who need them.

Mist Cooling Inc products definitely lower temperatures by up to 30°F. We have a variety of mist systems that can attach to umbrellas, front porches, houses, and outside areas for pets and other animals. All of these options range from a nominal price to a reasonable investment for years to come.

The cooling solution I like for our hot 2018 Summer (because of its flexibility and mobility) is the outdoor-rated Cool Misting Fan. It’s a reasonable investment that will carry you through the rest of this summer and on through many more hot summers. These fans come in various sizes with misting rings and misting nozzles, and can be mounted on walls indoors or outdoors, placed on pedestals, and we even have portable fans with reservoirs that can be moved around your property, or carried with you to parks, sporting events, and camping (yeah-even in this weather).

If you already have an outdoor-rated fan (necessary if not used indoors), we provide stainless-steel Misting Rings, nozzles, and Misting Hubs you can place on a fan you already own. You can use smaller orifice nozzles and add a pump to get finer mist results. In any case, your temperatures will reduce enough to help keep you safe. And since it’s misting, it won’t be just HOT air pushed around.

These misting attachments are less expensive but if your fan is not outdoor-rated – fair warning – it can only be used indoors. Outside wind can reverse the spray mist back into the motor and cause sparks or fire. You don’t need another emergency situation.

Keep cool, stay safe.

Are you kidding us? In this heatwave? Temperatures have hovered in the “feels like” and “actual” triple-digit range all the way from the west coast to the far northeast including Canada! Many families have reunions during July and August. Often, it is planned indoors in warmer states (that would be everywhere now). That means lots of people indoors. Trying to solicit financial support from family members for rental space fees year after year is tough. What about trying to plan one outdoors? Yes, we have an agenda, but it’s a good one.

We sell (and rent) Mist Cooling Tents. Sturdy canvas tents on corrosion-resistant aircraft aluminum frames with misting systems pre-installed. They are “plug-n-play” type setups. All you do is open up the tent, connect it to a water source, and an electric source to boost the misting system, and temperatures drop by up to 30°F under and just outside of the tent. The pump is optional, but it is the best choice because it creates the finest mist that can quickly evaporate, so it cools well, and not get everyone wet underneath the misting nozzles. For a family reunion-sized affair, we recommend a 10’ x 10’ cool misting shade tent. Just leave the family reunion T-shirts off your list! We have included a seating chart below for your planning purposes.

There’s also the “what can we do for employees this summer?” question. It is possible that you still don’t have a plan upon which everyone can agree. However, what if you made a purchase that would serve you years on end? Likely, it would be the same cost as doing any event without a tent. Imagine a pickup game of baseball earlier in the day – say Accounting vs. Marketing? Then, topping it off with a catered (BBQ of course) lunch under a cool misting shade tent with lots of iced-down water, tea, and sports drinks to keep everyone hydrated? Watermelon and banana pudding? You might even consider a sprinkler system toy or two (water slide?) for the kids. We don’t sell them, but we know they work for entertainment.

We also offer a High-Pressure Inflatable Misting Tent, and an Inflatable Misting Arc (Creates a flashy, memorable and mist-cooled entry-way to any event.)

Happy National Picnic Month, everyone!

Mist Cooling Inc.


Let me just say, whether you believe in global warming or climate change is irrelevant. The frequency and intensity of the hot temperatures we are all now experiencing are in part, hitting the record books. According to the Scientific American, Scientists are reporting that June 2018 turned out to be the fourth-hottest month ever recorded globally. “Warmer than average global temperatures have become the new normal,” says Jay Lawrimore, chief of climate analysis at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, which tracks these numbers. “The global temperature has increased more than one-degree Fahrenheit [0.7 degrees C] since 1900, and the rate of warming since the late 1970s has been about three times greater than the century-scale trend.”

So, there you have it. Folks are saying this is our new normal whether due to naturally changing climate patterns or man-made changes. And, we as humans no longer evolve and acclimate as we once did in past years to changing weather conditions. This is due in part to the air conditioning in almost every home and office.

So where does that leave us? Is our time outside now limited to early morning and late evening? I once worked with a woman who never went out. She went from her house to her enclosed garage, to her car, to underground parking, to the underground pedestrian tunnel into our air-conditioned building. Not a single step was taken outside. Well, for the majority of us, that won’t do.

So, the challenge is to find ways to keep our bodies (and our families and pets) at a reasonable, safe temperature when we are outside, avoiding heat-related health issues that take a toll on our bodies. Of course, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! But that isn’t enough.

We have many off the shelf and custom mist cooling options for maintaining reasonable body temperatures outside, including misting systems to mount on the outside of our homes, stationary fans to mist cool us, individual hand-held mist cooling, or portable fans (on wheels) to bring with us to outdoor events. All of these options will lower the ambient temperature by up to 30-degrees F. We even have pool coolers to reduce way-too-warm pool water temperatures by up to 12-degrees F.

At the moment, we are featuring our High-Pressure 1500psi Cool Misting System for either residential, commercial, or industrial use. The HP 1500psi Misting System is the best of the best – the mist this system produces is so ultra-fine it is fog-like, very refreshing, and rapidly cools the application area.

For more information about how to keep cool and enjoy every bit of the great outdoors at all times of the day and evening, visit the link above, call us, or email us. We are glad to answer your questions about our products.

Keep cool, fellow outdoors lovers.

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