Stainless Steel Mist Nozzles 10/24 Thread

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Use these Rust proof, low flow nozzles, for ultra mist with the highest rate of atomization, in even climates with relatively high humidity. Application include humidification for green houses, mosquito systems and dust and odor control systems


  • 10/24 Thread
  • Cone Shaped Pattern
  • Spray Angle 55-80 Degrees
  • Minimum Working Pressure: 45 PSI (0.012, 0.015 and 0.020) 250PSI (0.006, 0.008 and Antidrip)
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 1500PSI

With all stainless steel construction, these high performance low flow nozzles completely resists rusting with use of variety of liquids. With cone shaped pattern, they produce a high percentage of less than 50 micron size droplets at high pressure ranges.These misting nozzles produce ultrafine mist for highest rate of atomization

Mist particles flash-evaporate evenly in the environment throughout the working pressure range even in climates with fairly high relative humidity. Our 10/24 SS nozzles can be used for variety of different applications such as, outdoor cooling, humidification, mosquito and pest control, dust and odor control, spray tanning, beverage brewing, meat packing and waste water treatment.

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  • OUTDOOR COOLING Outdoor patios, personal misters, fans, amusement parks, golf, hotels, living areas, restaurants, spectator areas, tennis courts, zoos, transit shelters.
  • AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE & GREENHOUSES Flowers, foliar feeding, hydroponics, orchards, plants, propagation, storage, tissue culture, vineyards, aviaries, barns, dairy, hogs, horses, kennels, livestock, poultry.
  • MOSQUITO CONTROL All outdoor areas requiring pest control.
  • HUMIDIFICATION Circuit boards, ginning, paper making, spinning, storage, textiles.
  • ODOR & DUST CONTROL Air & gases, odor control, pollution control, discing.
  • INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Coils, cooling towers, concrete curing, construction, mining, outdoor work, plastic extrusion, radiators, roofs.

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