Stainless Steel Mist Nozzles 10/24 Thread

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SPRAY NOZZLES Fine Spray Mist Nozzles 10/24 THREAD 

Typically used for misting, produce very small droplets and delivers a very fine spray using water pressure only – no compressed air required.Low-flow means less water consumption,rust-proof stainless-steel misting nozzles,10/24” thread Misting Nozzles produces mist with the highest rate of atomization, even in relatively high-humidity, making them perfect for Misting Systems

  • Sample applications include Evaporative cooling, Moistening, Humidifying for livestock, hog, poultry, patio, or greenhouse cooling; odor, dust, mosquito control, or humidification. 
  • 55-80° spray angle, Max working pressure 1500psi, for Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles.  


You are running a business and need a dependable misting system with dependable parts that do not require tons of maintenance, they maintain themselves. You also need professional, wide area misting coverage to nurture and cool your desired outdoor area.


Mist Cooling Inc’s All stainless-steel Mist Nozzles with 10/24” thread flash-evaporates mist particles evenly in the environment throughout the working pressure range also to cool your poultry or other livestock. Because of the guaranteed quality and distribution range of the stainless-steel parts, Misting System maintenance will be at a minimum, allowing you more time to address other issues that won’t address themselves.


  • No compressed air required, works on Water or Liquid Pressure

  • Uniform distribution of wide rate of flow rates and pressures

  • Spray angles 55-80 degree depends on the orifice size

  • Mist Nozzles are rust-resistant high-performance with low-flow

  • 0.006” Mist Nozzle produces the finest mist at 1000 Psi

  • Cone-shaped pattern produces high percentage of micron-size droplets at high-pressure ranges resulting in ultra-fine cooling mist for the highest rate of atomization

  • Cone-Pattern Spray also mists a wider application area

  • Quality construction nozzles also contributes to the highest rate of misting


  • Uniform distribution of wide rate of flow rates and pressures

  • All Stainless Steel Material of Construction

  • 10/24” UNC MaleThread

  • Min working pressure is 45psi (0.012”, 0.015” and 0.020”) or 250psi (0.006”, 0.008” and anti-drip)

  • Max working pressure is 1500psi


  • OUTDOOR COOL MISTING patios and other residential outdoor spaces, personal misters, fans, amusement parks, golf, hotels, restaurants, spectator areas, tennis courts, zoos, transit shelters
  • COOLING FOR AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE & GREENHOUSES flowers and plants, foliar feeding, hydroponics, orchards, propagation, storage, tissue culture, vineyards, aviaries, barns, dairy, hogs, horses, kennels, livestock, poultry, and more.

  • MOSQUITO CONTROL MISTING all outdoor areas requiring pest control

  • HUMIDIFICATION circuit boards, ginning, paper making, spinning, storage, textiles

  • ODOR & DUST MIST CONTROL air and gases, odor control, pollution control, disking

  • INDUSTRIAL COOL MISTING APPLICATIONS coils, cooling towers, concrete curing, construction, mining, outdoor work, plastic extrusion, radiators, roofs

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