Spring & Burb For Antidrip


The right parts make all the difference in any system, but for a misting system, our Spring and Burb for anti-drip misting heads creates an instant On/Off mist effect which helps to prevent dripping. Use with Low (15psi), Mid, or High-Pressure (70psi) Misting SystemsA rust-resistant Stainless-Steel Spring and Rubber Stopper to enhance your misting system and stop the dripping once the system is turned off. 


Residual moister creates damp furniture, dangerous slick patio surfaces, and mud puddles on the ground. Unpleasant and unsafe for walking. 


The Mist Cooling Inc’s Spring with Burb for Anti-Drip Nozzles can help prevent dripping wetness in and around the cool misting application areas so that no wetness is on eating surfaces or chairs, patio surfaces don’t become hazards, and mud puddles are not created on the ground. 


  • Rust-Resistant Stainless-Steel Spring with Rubber Burb (Stopper) is built to last 

  • Prevents dripping and creates instant On/Off mist effect 

  • Saves water by preventing dripping 

  • Reduces maintenance of your misting systems at a very low cost 

  • Flexible; works with low, medium, or high-pressure Fittings for Misting Systems 

  • Stopper available in 15psi Low-Pressure, 40 Psi Mid Pressure or 70psi High-Pressure Mist System. 

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