Mosquito Control Solar System

Solar operated, wifi enabled to work with your smart phone, this portable mosquito control system is meant for to provide you with comfort and keep your family safe from mosquitoes and all other flying insects.

Control Mosquitoes and other flying insects with the solar operated mosquito control system. The mosquito control system comes with solar panel and is a portable misting system with ultra safe concentrate, and is wifi operated, can be controlled by both IOS and Andriod devices.


Solar mosquito control system has the following features:

  • Free SolaMist Pro concentrate (good for 5 complete sprays)- Cedar Oil Concentrate, safe on humans, deadly on insects.
  • 12 Gallon Resrvoir Tank
  • 20 Watt Solar Panel
  • 45 ft. tubing, 15 misting nozzles, 1 Mist T-fittings,1- Coupling,2- end cap Nozzles, stakes and ties, included
  • Smart phone app, (for IOS and Andriod) devices
  • Automatic fill indicator


  • Get your backyard back from the mosquitoes with this wifi controlled, cedar oil concentrate mosquito control system.
  • System is easily expandable to 30 Nozzles, with additional 45 feet of tubing
  • Get 30% back in Federal Tax Rebates,, becuase the misting system is solar powered
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