Ruby Orifice Nozzle 10/24


Say No More! to patchy mist nozzle spray patternsRuby Misting Nozzle for use with Mistcooling Misting Systems allows for perfectly smooth edges in the orifice enabling the mist nozzle to create a smooth spray pattern of ultra-fine mist droplets. High-Pressure stainless-steel reusable and cleanable with built-in Anti-Drip feature. Ruby orifice creates perfect spray pattern. Prevents dripping and clogging. Choose from stainless-steel or Nickel-Plated brass body. Includes filter to keep mist nozzles from clogging so they work at their best 

There are many good nozzles for misting, but for specialized applications like Mosquito Control Systems, the 4023 Mosquito Misting Nozzle is the best. If you are going to invest in controlling mosquitoes in your backyard or other property, it is optimum to choose the best misting heads for the job. This mosquito control misting nozzle is ideal for Standard flow rates of 0.59 GPH at 100psi to 1.33 GPH at 500psi, water. Semi-Solid Cone Pattern misting Spray angle is 70° which covers the widest application area.

It is the best nozzle for Mosquito Control Systems and an excellent value for your money!


  • Mist Nozzles available in Stainless-Steel
  • Standard flow rate is 75 GPH at 160psi, water
  • 70° Spray angle at 160psi, water
  • Semi-Solid Cone Pattern Spray
  • 9/16” Thread,

Separate adapter-connector available with 9/16 inch x 1/8-inch and 9/16 to ¼ inch

The old SKU is MC 430

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