PVC Mist Cooling Kit

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This DIY PVC misting system provides homeowners a cost-effective cooling solution to beat the heat. Featuring brass & stainless steel orifice mist nozzles, UV treated Schedule 40 PVC tubing and pre-threaded PVC mist fittings. Kit includes all necessary parts to quickly install high performance misting system.

System Features

  • 1/2'' Schedule 40 PVC Tubing; Unmarked; UV Treated
  • Brass/Stainless Steel Orifice Mist Nozzles
  • Easily Expandable
  • Operates on city water pressure
  • Includes everything needed for easy installation
  • Can be used with Mid Pressure Booster Pump
  • Specially designed low flow Mist Nozzles use less than 4 Gallons per hour. Average garden hose produces up to 450 Gallons during same time period!

PVC Misting System Specifications

  • 10 - Brass/stainless steel orifice misting nozzles
  • 10 - PVC Misting Nozzles Tees
  • 9 - 2ft length UV protected rigid PVC pipe Schedule 40 1/2''
  • 1 - 1ft length UV protected rigid PVC pipe 1/2''
  • 1 - 3/4" drain Valve and filter washer
  • 1 - 3/4" Swivel Hose adapter with filter washer
  • 1 - 1/2'' PVC Elbow
  • 1 - 1/2'' PVC end Plug
  • 12 - PVC mounting clamps
  • 1 - PVC Glue
  • Instructions

At MistCooling Inc. our team of highly-skilled engineers is continuously striving to provide home and commercial owners the best and innovative cooling solutions and our PVC Mist Cooling kit is no exception. Save time and money by eliminating frequent trips to the hardware store. This Mist Cooling Kit has everything you need to build your own cooling paradise in shortest time. UV treated Schedule 40 PVC tubing pre-cut in 2ft lengths prevent hassle of cutting and measuring the PVC tubing. Spend more time enjoying the cool mist and less time installing!

Although this pack is designed to operate with city water pressures of 40psi to 100psi, tubing & fittings are rated for up to 300psi, making it compatible with Mid Pressure Misting Pump. UV treated PVC tubing is rated for outdoor use. The pipe will not crack due to extreme heat. Use with Anti Scale Filter to prevent clogging of the nozzles in areas with hard water. Fully expandable and allows customization.

With this PVC misting kit installed, you can instantly lower outdoor temperature up to 30 degrees with use of very little water.

The old sku is MC570

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