Pulsation Dampener

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A Positive Displacement pumps without dampener can create annoying noise in your pipelines, and causes vibrations that might eventually lead to pipeline breakage.

Due to the reciprocating nature of their stroking action, all Positive Displacement pumps create hydraulic shock and pulsation,  resulting damaging the entire pumping system.

    MISTCOOLING Inc introduce three in one Pulsation Dampeners absorb up to 90% of the pulsation, Surge absorbors, Reduce noise, remove virtually all hydraulic shock, of fluid flow in industrial and chemical transfer applications.

    The Pulsation Damper made from stainless steel 304 sphere with a 1/4" NPT Threads on both ends, Very simple but strong device effectively reducing the fuel flow fluctuations. Can be installed in-line with the fuel flow on pump either discharge or suction side as well.

    It works as air shock absorber isolator, when mounting vertically with top end close with the blind plug, The air is compressed inside of the sphere with the pulses in the fuel line.

    OD: 3 1/2 inch

    Length: 4"

    Thickness: 1/4" ( 2 Gauge)

    Max Pressure: 3000 Psi

    Inlet and outlet port: 1/4" NPT Female direct in the Body

    How it Works

    A pressure chamber is divided by an elastomeric bladder.

    The lower portion of the chamber is filled with the pumped water/ liquid, the upper portion of the chamber contains an air cushion.

    The air cushion is pre-charged to a pressure appropriate for the operating condition.

    The energy from each pump discharge stroke displaces the bladder into the air cushion allowing the dampener to absorb the energy.

    The air cushion and bladder force liquid out of the bladder during the pump suction stroke.


    Find application in variety of application in high pressure pumping, These are great for a variety of ornamental applications.

    Custom size also available range from 1-1/2" up to 12" in various thickness

    Supplied with a mill finish with a weld seam that is ground flush.


    • OD: 3 1/2 inch
    • Length: 4"
    • Thickness: 1/4" ( 2 Gauge)
    • Max Pressure: 3000 Psi
    • Inlet and outlet port: 1/4" NPT Female direct in the Body


    • Three in one pulsation dampeners, surge absorbers, reduce noise
    • Dampeners ensure a smooth and continuous flow, eliminate pipe vibration and protect equipment
    • Can be also be installed at the pump inlet as an inlet stabilizer to improve the npsh condition of the pump
    • By reducing the acceleration pressure losses due to the opening and closing of the inlet ball valve
    • Simple compact design
    • Can be mounting with pressure gauge and charging valve
    • Pressure ratings to 1000 psi to 4000 psi
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