Pressure Gauge for mist pump


Pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure of fluid, liquid in various industries  for accurate misting system pump performance monitoring, consider using this pressure gauge by MistCooling Inc. Filled with  glycerin; this is perfect to monitor the pump’s discharge  pressure.

Stainless steel   construction Robust in design and  precisely calibrated , this is a high quality and easy to use pressure gauge designed to both measure and monitor, the performance of a misting pump. With this device, you can see the misting discharge pressure  of the pump’s discharge  pressure and ensure your system runs at its optimum level.

These gauges are ideal suitable for installation on pumps, compressors, pressurised vessels, hydraulic Equipment, air regulators and other many more equipments.

This  pressure gauge is filled with liquid glycerin which allows for pulsation free consistent pressure readings while the stainless steel casing of this device lowers the risk of corrosion.

1/4” NPT threads offer lrak proof performance, available in various size as well as Back or bottom mounting.

The Old SKU Number Is: MC1804

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