Portable Misting System-110 V


Comparatively the BEST in pressure, cost, and performance to any other portable mister system. 4-Nozzle operates at 300psi and 12 nozzle operates at 160psi. Yet, it costs hundreds of dollars LESS! Cools temps by up to 30°F, 8-gal lightweight, Portable Outdoor Misting System with Nozzle Mist Kit. Customizable for Umbrella Kit, Boat Bimini Kit, Golf Cart Kit, or RV Awning Kit.


Your kids each have sports they participate in the summer like tennis, T-ball, soccer, and softball. And as Mom and Dad, you attend each one of their events. It’s always hot, and you are always sweating and hoping it rains, and the game ends early. You need to cool down, so you can finish the game.


Our Portable Lightweight Misting System is a high-performance cooling machine and costs a fraction of the price of other systems on the market. It is the answer to your dilemma. The Unit comes with a fully self-contained eight-gallon water tank on wheels, and our new 300psi pump creates ultra-fine and anti-drip mist with its 4-Nozzle Mist Kit keeping you cool during scorching summer days.


* Cools temperatures by up to 30°F

* Helps eliminate possible heat-stroke or heat-exhaustion

* Keeps everyone cool so they can stay and enjoy the event

* Portable with all-terrain wheels

* Foldable handle for storage

* Runs quietly

* Perfect for outdoor activities where there is no access to pressured water


* Pump with 8-gal Tank on wheels

* 0.008” 4-Nozzle Mist Kit (can be customized for different applications)

* Ultra-fine and anti-drip mist

* In-Line Filter

* 15’ Power Cord adds flexibility in positioning

* Approximately 5 hours of run time per fill

* Weighs less than 10 lbs. empty

* 110V ac, 12V dc, and 220V available

* Optional DC to AC Converter

* Optional Mid-Pressure 160psi Pump

The old sku number is MC344
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