Portable Misting system - 3G


Designed for cooling remote outdoor locations without access to a water source. The Portable Mist Cooler 3G is one-of-a-kind and 1st in its league, designed to instantly cool surroundings by up to 30°F. Max 300psi continuous-duty, quiet, Cool Mist System Pump, 110V ac with 8’ Grounded Plug, On/Off Switch, 3-gal Reservoir, 2 or 4-Nozzle Mist Kit, and Suction Filter.

Also see Portable Misting System-110V with 8-gal capacity.


It’s time for outdoor concerts, and other events but the temperature is rising, and it’s hard to be motivated to attend. You know you will not be comfortable in this heat, and your family won’t enjoy their outdoor time. If only there were a portable system that didn’t require a water supply…


Mistcooling’s Portable Misting System – 3G is the world’s first mid-pressure portable mist cooling unit featuring 3 gallons of water reservoir deployed with a 300psi misting pump to create cool zones anywhere you like, even when there is no nearby water source. The low-flow duty pump ensures you enjoy ultra-fine mist for long hours without the need for constant refills. So, you can plan to attend those outdoor concerts, tail-gating, camping, outdoor plays, and other events because you will be up to 30°F cooler using your Mistcooling Portable Mister System!


* Cools temperatures by up to 30°F wherever you go

* Sturdy portable construction can be taken anywhere

* No water source required

* Small and compact to store

* You can also store canned or bottled drinks in the cooler at the same time

* Empty weight is less than 7 lbs.

* Run time is up to 3 hours with intermittent use


* Max 300psi Continuous Duty Misting System Pump

* 110V ac operation with 8’ Grounded Plug

* On/Off Switch

* 3-gallon Reservoir/Personal Cooler

* 2 or 4-Mist Nozzle Kit with 12’ or 20’ of UV-Protected Tubing (can be customized for different applications)

* Suction Filter

Optional Remote Control available


* Poolside areas

* Sporting events

* Backyard Bar-B-Q

* Golf Cart misting

* Umbrella misting

* Boat and RV misting

* Rehab

* Indoor Humidification

* Pet cooling

* Tailgating

* Construction sites

* Any outdoor activities

The old sku number is MC328
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