Portable Misting system - 3G


Cooling remote outdoor locations without access to a water source has never been this easy. Our portable misting system 3G is one-of-a-kind and first in its league, designed to cool surroundings up to 30 degrees instantly without much efforts.

It is the world’s first mid-pressure portable mist cooling unit featuring 3 gallons of water reservoir deployed with 300psi misting pump to create cool zones any where you like, even when there is no water source available nearby.

The low-flow duty pump ensures you enjoy ultra fine mist for long hours without the need of constant refills. It is lightweight and portable which makes it super easy to carry without being overburdened with weight.

MistCooling Inc also offers customizable wireless remote control for convenience and easy operation. This portable misting system can be used for a variety of applications like enjoying cool zones inside your golf cart, RV, boat or at your sporting event, poolside, construction sites and favorite picnic spots away from home.

It’s functional and high in performance - your best bet for keeping cool this summer.



  • Poolside areas
  • Sporting events
  • Backyard Bar-B-Q
  • Golf Cart misting
  • Umbrella misting
  • Boat and RV misting
  • Rehab
  • Indoor Humidification
  • Pet cooling
  • Tailgating
  • Construction sites
  • Any outdoor activities


  • Max 300 PSI Continuous Duty Pump with 3 Gallon Personal Cooler
  • 110vac Operation with 8ft Grounded plug -
  • On/Off Switch
  • 2-Nozzle Mist Kit (Can be customized for different applications)
  • In-Line Filter
  • Runs Quiet
  • Plugs in to any wall plug or extension cord
  • Appx. 3 Hrs of Run Time Per Fill
  • Weighs less than 7lbs - Empty - 1
The old sku number is MC328
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