Pool Cooler Accessory Kit


Lower the pool water temperature by 10 degrees in by installing a pool cooler with our advanced DIY accessory kit. Featuring 1 high quality pool wall adapter removal tool and 2 pool plugs, this is a cost-effective and extremely useful kit designed for quick dismantle of existing pool wall adapter in the pool wall with adapter removal tool(key), and extra plugs help to increase pressure of spraying water via pool coolers and helps high misting performance. This kit makes pool cooler installation an easy breeze and helps generate mist with more pressure.

The pool water becomes unbelievably hot during summers. Besides this, chlorine used in pools to kill bacteria is also susceptible to UV rays. It gets easily absorbed by the heat, thus promoting bacteria growth. To keep your pool water cool and to maintain your pool chemistry, pool cooler installation is recommended. However, for smooth and quick pool cooler installation, you might want to purchase our pool cooler DIY friendly accessory kit.

Each pool cooler accessory kit comes with 2 pool plugs and 1 pool key adapter removal tool. Pool plugs help increase pressure from the return jet. Though one plug will be enough, if you need more pressure for in-ground pool coolers, you can always use an extra one. On the other hand, a pool wall adapter tool (Key) helps to remove any type of existing fittings in the return outlet smoothly without any hassle.


  • Each pool cooler kit contains :2 pool plugs and 1 pool wall adapter removal tool


  • Pool plug helps you increase pressure from the return jet to your pool cooler
  • Use the pool wall adapter removal tool to easily remove your pool wall adapter to fix your pool cooler
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