Patio Misting Fan - 14 Inch Outdoor Fan


Embedded with features like high velocity UL approved mist fans, 250 psi pump, solenoid valve, and stainless steel orifice nozzles, our high air velocity 14” mid pressure Patio misting fan kit promises you a cool outdoors even when the sun shine its brightest.

Want to host a cookout during the day? Worried about the scorching heat? Don’t think your guests will enjoy your amazing food because of the unbearable heat? Thinking of hosting your event at night? Then wait! You don’t have to reschedule your plans because of the heat.


Equipped with next generation technology features, we present our high functional outdoor rated backyard mister-14” misting fan kit – the best solution to beat the heat without spending big.


You don’t have to cancel your cookout or spend hundreds of dollars on cooling systems. With this misting fan kit, you can create a cool and comfortable environment in your backyard at an affordable price.


It comes with a high quality 250psi mid pressure pump that can support up to 8 fans and has the ability to throw cool air up to 20 feet. Due to its diaphragm mechanisum, It is quiet in operation, so you don’t have to worry about the noise that many misting fans currently in the market are famous for.


Other unique features that contribute to the high performance of this misting system include solenoid valve, filtration and thermal safety features to shut off at 140 degree F. It also comes with 4 Brass/stainless steel orifice misting nozzles which help spread mist air evenly. Additionally, this misting system can be customized according to your outdoor setting needs.


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