Patio Misting Kit - DIY


Cool your outdoor temperatures instantly by assembling, and connecting this Patio Misting Kit to your Gaarden hose. Installation is simple, no tools required.

Design, Customize and Install high quality patio misting system using quality made misting parts.

Each Kit includes necessary Supply Line with Garden hose adapter , Mist Tubing, Brass/Stainless Steel misting nozzles, leak proof mist fittings and clamps.

  • Design and build your own Low Pressure patio mist cooling system with high quality MADE IN USA parts. 
  • This Un-assembled Patio Kit includes all necessary pre-cut 3ft tubing sections, Misting Tees, Misting Nozzles, and 15 ft feed line with a garden hose adapter. 
  • Does not require any special tools. 
  • Simply push in the tube in to each fitting and build the mist line that fits your patio! 
  • Specially designed for the Home owners who want complete control over the installation process. 
  • System can be expanded in future with additional parts. 
  • Attaches to ordinary garden hose or outdoor faucet with 40-60psi water pressure.

Patio Mister Component Chart

 Image Description SKU MC11015- 84 Ft System MC11013- 72 Ft System MC11011- 60 Ft System MC11009- 48 Ft System MC11007- 36 Ft System MC11005- 24 Ft System
misting_nozzle Nozzles MC42060 24 20 16 12 8 4
misting_tee Misting Tees MC53020 23 19 15 11 7 3
misting_elbow End Plug MC52040 1 1 1 1 1 1
clamps Clamps MC55030 30 30 20 11 7 3
mist_tubing Mist Line Tubing in 3 Feet Sections MC71020 69 FT 57 FT 45 FT 33 FT 21 FT 9 FT
feed_line Supply Line 15 Ft MC55060 15 Ft 15 Ft 15 Ft 15 Ft 15 Ft 15 Ft

The Old SKU number is AMZ524

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