Mosquito Control Hago Nozzle Adapter

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If you wish to use the advanced 10/24 cleanable mosquito misting nozzles with your mosquito control system, and you currently have the old 4023 Hago nozzle, you might not be able to use your desired nozzles easily. However, the best way to ensure easy replacement and installation of cleanable mosquito misting nozzles in your existing mosquito control system is to replace your old hago with our newly launched 9/6” x 10/24” hago misting nozzle adapter.

This is a new and cutting-edge mosquito control hago nozzle adapter that can easily replace your old hago 4023 nozzle. Once intact, you can then use the standard 10/24 cleanable mosquito control misting nozzles without any hassle, and more importantly, without replacing the fittings.

Our mosquito control hago nozzle adapter is a 9/16 x 10/24 inches leak proof slim-line adapter which offers unmatched flexibility in terms of installation and performance. Please note, our nozzle adapter comes separately. It does not come with the cleanable misting nozzles.


  • Use Hago nozzle adapter with our Cleanable Anti-drip Nozzles
  • Applications include mosquito control, mosquito misting systems
  • Hago Nozzle adapter does not come with Nozzle


  • New slimline hago Nozzle adapter
  • For use in Mosquito control systems
The old sku is: MC3104
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