Misting Tee with 0.012 Mist Nozzle


Whether you are currently using a 160, 250, 1000 or 1500 psi pump with your mid pressure mist cooling system, this one tee is suitable for all! With this misting tee, you can optimize the mist flow rate performance and quality of mist generated through your existing system dramatically and more importantly without incurring a huge cost.

Boasting a unique design, this is a highly-functional MC205B misting tee made from forged. It is embedded with push lock technology for easy installation. The push to connect features makes it simple and easy for users without any technical expertise or experience to deploy this tee into the system.

It is a great choice for connecting and joining pipes; and creating misting lines for smooth fluid flow in mid pressure to high pressure misting systems powered by 160 to 250 and up to 1500 psi misting pumps. It includes a 0.012 misting nozzle, which perfectly matches the specs of mid pressure misting systems much needed to create the desired pressure and ensure the highest performance from your misting system. Here it is important to understand that the size of the orifice makes a great difference. Installing nozzles with too large or too small orifices can lower the performance of the system. So, if you wish to enjoy high quality and wide spray pattern smooth flow of mist, then this tee is your best bet.

Furthermore, its nickel plating on forged brass material with unique tube seal design makes suitable for all kind of tubing either thermo plastic, brass or grooved stainless steel tubing, this misting tee rust proof and aesthetically appealing so even when it is exposed to extreme weather like heavy rainfall, moisture, or soaring temperatures, it will not lose its luster. It is low-maintenance and a great alternative of brass misting tee.

At MistCooling Inc, we also give the option to easily customize this tee with an anti-drip feature. It is advisable to use it with 1/4 inch OD tubing for maximum performance.

The old SKU is MC412

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