Misting Tee with 0.006 Orifice Nozzle


Power up the performance of your misting system like never before with our advanced and uniquely designed misting tee embedded with 0.006 orifice misting nozzle. With this misting tee, you can enjoy two functions in one. By installing this in your misting system, you can join pipes and create branch lines easily while with the 0.006 orifice nozzle are being use for high pressure misting for ultra-fine mist and keep your surroundings cool for rapid evaporation without getting wet.

This is no ordinary misting tee. It is both superior in design and functionality. This Misting Tee by MistCooling Inc. is undoubtedly a cooling house. It is smoothly engineered with push-lock technology which makes this tee easy to install without any expertise. In other words, you don’t need any plumbing expertise or tools to fit this tee into your misting system.

This is a T shaped fitting with a non-drip arrangement inside the nozzle fitting area for directly fitment spring and ball along with a nozzle which converts this misting tee into ant drip or non-drip after the system shut off, and no water keeps dripping, even the mist line is under pressure at the turn off mode. With two openings can easily use this to create branch lines and enjoy smooth water flow. What makes this misting tee unique is that unlike other tees available in the market, this tee features 0.006 orifices misting nozzle to help you create ultra-fine light mist fog creates rapid cool zones without getting wet people or the floor. Since the size of the orifice is quite small, it will help deliver ultra-fine cool mist instantly.

Here it is important to understand that the water that flows through the misting system pump is forced through the nozzle before it is broken down into tiny droplets. This is where the size of the orifice truly comes into play. The orifice (micro hole) size of the nozzle is what creates fine mist fog by breaking water into fine droplets. With too large of an orifice and you will consume more water and produce heavier mist fog. this is it is important that the orifice size matches the specs of your misting pump in order to create the desired pressure and optimize its performance. And for this reason, this misting tee with 0.006 orifice nozzle is recommended for use with 1/4 inch OD tubing and high pressure misting systems powered by 1000 to 1500 psi pumps.

This tee is made from stainless steel orifice, which makes it rustproof, keeping your investment safe. Besides, it can also be customized with the anti-drip feature.

This nozzle requires a minimum of 300 or more psi working pressure, the Maximum pressure that can withstand is 1500 Psi.

The old SKU is MC406

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