Misting Tee W/ 0.020 Mist Nozzle


This is a unique and feature rich misting tee designed for superior performance for non dripping. With this misting tee you can leverage the performance of your misting system significantly. It is a two in one pipe fitting featuring a coupling tee and mist nozzle for optimum performance.

It is a T shaped pipe fitting incorporating non dripping mechanism, while using nozzle with spring and ball eliminating extra anti drip body, that helps users enjoy two functions in one go. Featuring push-lock misting tee of MC250B, it is ideally designed to use with 1/4 inch OD tubing. With this pipe fitting you can easily control the waste of the water keep dripping after the misting system turn off, pressure generated in the pipe cause dripping, if anti drip spring and ball not used with nozzle, and ensure that there is no water leakage. It has two openings allowing you to connect and branch out 2 sections of pipe.

Wait there is more! This is more than just a tee. It also features a mist nozzle that has 0.020 inch orifice for high quality misting helping you create a heavy curtain of cool zones easily without any fuss or hassle.

Orifice made from stainless steel, it’s not just greater in strength but also aesthetically appealing and corrosion resistant. By investing in this misting tee with a 0.020 mist nozzle you can rest assure that it will not rust or corrode even when exposed to weather conditions like rain and moisture! Besides this, since it is rust-proof it is low maintenance and easily comes off when servicing is needed.

  • We at MistCooling Inc, also offer you the option of anti-drip feature. If you want this feature to be included in this tee, simply click on the ‘Anti-Drip Feature’ option on our website before ordering.

The old SKU is MC420

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