Misting Tee W/ 0.015 Mist Nozzle


Beat the heat this summer by maximizing the performance of your mid pressure system. Install this misting tee with 0.0015 mist nozzle to experience the performance difference today. This misting tee has a unique design. Unlike the three way tee, this is a two way high performance tee deployed adroitly with a 0.015 mist nozzle allowing you to enjoy two functions in one.

Made from forged brass, this is a competitively priced, uniquely designed and feature rich misting tee. Embedded with push lock technology, this misting tee (MC250B) requires no tools or expertise for installation. The push to connect feature makes it super easy to install and deploy with your pipes. Once deployed, it can help you create a smooth and swift flow of water by joining pipes and creating branch lines.

Another feature that makes this tee extraordinary and superior in functionality as compared to other tees is that it is deployed with a 0.015 mist nozzle. 0.015 orifice misting nozzle is ideal for powering up for low pressure from 45 psi city water pressure to 1500 psi high Pressure misting system, also 1/4 inch OD tubing and suitable for pumps used with mid pressure mist cooling systems. Simply put, with this tee you can enjoy both smooth water flow and ultra-fine mist without spending big.

In addition to this, it can also be customized with the anti-drip feature on request. This feature adds more value to the tee as it ensures the misting effect stops right away as soon as the pump is switched off so that the floor doesn’t get wet and take time to dry.

The forged brass with nickel plated body of this tee makes it far superior than ordinary brass misting tees. It makes this tee high in strength and premium in quality and also makes it corrosion resistant. Corrosion resistance ensures that the tee doesn’t rust even when exposed to harsh weather conditions and retains its luster for the longest time.

The old SKU is MC415

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