Misting Tee W/ 0.008 Misting Nozzle


Create efficient mist lines and enjoy ultra-fine mist by simply installing this misting tee by MistCooling Inc. Featuring a unique design, this is a T shaped two way misting tee ingeniously engineered with 1 0.008 orifice misting nozzle. This misting tee widely being use offers you more value for less money. Other features worth mentioning include its robust forged construction, anti-drip feature, leak free NBR O- rings design, and push lock technology for easy installation.

Whether you have a mid or high pressure misting system, this misting tee with 0.008 misting nozzle is a good choice for joining pipes to create efficient and smooth flowing branch lines. This misting tee is suitable for both types of misting systems. Besides, the 0.008 misting nozzle orifice size is a perfect match for misting pumps ranging from 250 psi to 1500 psi, allowing you to create desired pressure and leverage the performance of your misting system easily.

This is a DIY friendly misting tee deployed with push to connect technology which makes the installation of this misting tee an easy breeze. It helps you create a smooth connection by joining pipes with no tools, simplifying the installation process unbelievably.

Additionally, unlike other misting tees that are made of brass, this misting tee nickel plated made from extruded stock bar. This means that unlike brass misting tees that rust super fast, this misting tee will not corrode even after several years. The robust stainless steel construction not only makes this tee high in quality and strength but also corrosion resistant.

At MistCooling Inc, we also offer anti-drip as an optional feature. If you want the misting effect to stop instantly as soon as you switch off the misting system and want to avoid the problem of wet floor and surface, then this feature is a good addition.


  • Rust Proof Nickel plated Brass Misting Tee
  • 0.008" 10/24 Thread Stainless Steel Misting head
  • Recommended for Mid and High Pressure misting systems
  • Working pressure 150 PSI- 1500 PSI
  • Optional Anti-drip Feature

The old SKU is MC408

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