Misting End Elbow 10/24


When you need misting at the close of  misting line at the end, this misting end elbow is the only solution, that can end up the line with a misting nozzle spray at 90 degree to the misting line at the end eliminating extra plug to close the line.

Featuring with combo 10/24 UNC nozzle thread at 90 degree, plus one end tube fitting and other end is completely solid for end up the line, this is a highly-functional, durable 1/4 inch misting end elbow. Using this fitting you can easily create mist spray at the very end location with misting nozzles without plugging with other fitting at the very end of tubing.

This misting end elbow can be connected to major type of tubing like, Nylon, P.E, thermo plastic, copper, aluminum and pre-grooved stainless steel for high pressure mist cooling misting application

It is made from strong extruded brass stock bar and nickel plated on final finish component which lends it properties like corrosion resistance and also makes its heavy duty, ductility and low magnetic permeability., The bar stock has a more tensile strength than cast material has fair vibration resistance and is suitable in low, mid pressure misting systems and high pressure applications. Since it doesn’t rust, it lasts longer and comes off easily when system require flushing, winterizing or servicing is needed, while the push to connect feature makes it DIY friendly makes it super easy to install and connect and dismantle and reuse for tubing.

The old SKU is MC382
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