Misting Pump Speed Controller

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If you’re existing mist system is too noisy and consumes a lot of energy to run, then you might want to consider investing in this misting cooling pump speed controller. With this speed controller, you can ensure your pump is whisper quiet and runs efficiently without drawing more power. It offers increased variability in operating a misting pump at different speed levels.

  • To be used with our oil less misting pumps
  • Can be used with select high pressure misting pumps and all mid pressure misting pumps
  • Can be used with all outdoor rated misting fans

    Featuring a 6 feet 3 wire double insulated line cord, variable speed option and up to 15Amps capacity, this misting pump speed controller helps monitor, manage and control the performance of oil less misting pumps and outdoor rated fans. It can be used with both mid and high pressure misting systems - from 160psi to 15000psi pressure systems. However, they should be oil less.

    The built-in variable speed option feature allows users to lower the running cost associated with a misting system by regulating  the speed of the pump and the power it draws. By varying the speed of your misting system, you can control its power usage while ensuring that you enjoy a cool zone at all times. Please note, varying the speed of the pump does impact the performance of the flow capacity, as the speed is directly propionate to flow capacity of misting pump, but not too significantly. So, even if you lower the speed of your mist cooling system, you can still enjoy good quality mist and keep your surroundings comfortable and cool.


    • Capacity - 15 Amps
    • Voltage - 120 AC
    • 15 Amp Fuse
    • 6 Ft , 3 Wire double insulated line cord
    • Variable Speed or Full run features

    The Old SKU Number Is: MC947

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