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Standard Misting Nozzles

mistcooling_nozzle_plug 10-24_thread_misting_nozzle
Nozzle Plug 10/24 Thread Nozzle 12/24 Thread Nozzle Anti-Drip 10/24 Thread Anti-Drip 12/24 Thread

Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles

stainless_steel_misting_nozzle ruby_orifice_misting_nozzle non-drip_stainless_steel_nozzle cleanable_nozzle cleanble_misting-nozzles_stainless_steel
10/24 Thread Nozzle  Ruby Orifice Nozzle Non- drip Nozzle Cleanable Nozzle  Non Drip Nozzle

Speciality / Industrial Application Nozzles

High_flow_Nozzles nozzle-with_adapter ceramic_nozzles super_fine_nozzle hago_nozzle
High Flow Nozzle Nozzle Adapter KBN Ceramic Nozzle Low Flow Nozzle M Series Nozzles

Mosquito Misting Nozzles

Mosquito Misting Nozzle Nozzle Adapter Nozzle Adapter Riser Assembly Nozzle Cluster

High quality, Brass/Stainless Misting Nozzles selection of 10/24 thread Size, 12/24 Thread Size, for the standard and Anti-drip Nozzles.

Recommended Orifice Size for the pressure of your misting systems are:

  • 0.020 & 0.015 Orifice Size -  For low pressure misting systems (40 -100 PSI)

  • 0.012               Orifice Size - For Mid  Pressure Systems ( 160 PSI - 250 PSI)

  • 0.008               Orifice Size - For Mid/High  Pressure Systems ( 250 PSI - 1000 PSI)

  • 0.006               Orifice Size - For High  Pressure Systems ( 1000 PSI - 1500 PSI)

For Speciality Misting Nozzles, please click on the links below:

The old sku number is Misting Nozzles

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