Misting Nozzles 12/24 Thread

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Ultimate alternative solution to all stainless steel nozzles for your outdoor cooling. Oxidation proof brass body looks very attractive. Special effects fogging for poultry, zoo, dairy, construction, mining, hotels, restaurants, sporting events.Stainless Steel Fixed Pin Orifice with 60-70 degree cone pattern spray. Maximum work 2000PSI.


• Stainless Steel Fixed Pin Orifice
• Brass Body - Nickel Plating Option
• 60-70 Degree Cone Pattern Spray
• Minimum Working pressure 45PSI For (0.012'', 0.015'' and 0.020'')
• Minimum Working Pressure 150PSI for (0.006'' and 0.008'')
• Maximum Work 2000PSI for all nozzles


OUTDOOR MIST COOLING - Amusement Park, Golf Course, Hotels and Resorts, Living areas, Restaurants, Spectator seating areas, Sporting events, Patio and backyard and special effects fogging

INDUSTRIAL- Air and Gas, AC Condenser Coils, Cooling Towers, Concrete Curing, Construction, Mining, Odor and Dust Control, Paper Shredding, Plastic extrusion, Pollution Control, Textiles

AGRICULTURE AND HORTICULTURE - Flower beds, Foliar Feeding, Greenhouses, Hydroponics, Orchards, Plants, Propagation, Storage cooling, Frost damage control, Vineyards

ANIMAL COOLING - Aviaries, Barns, Dairy, Hogs, Horses, Kennels, Livestock, Poultry, Zoo

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Button Series 12/24 Thread Nozzles are the mainly used with stainless steel mist rings and fabricated stainless steel mist lines.

Nozzles are made with brass body and stainless steel orifice. Available in various different orifices to create desired mist.

Upgrade to nickel plated nozzles for ultimate looks and protection against rust. Our nickel plated nozzles have passed 100 hours of salt misting test (most corrosive conditions) and are considered the economical alternative to all stainless steel nozzles.

The old SKU is 12/24 Thread

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