Misting Fan Systems

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Outdoor Fan - 30 Inch - White
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Outdoor Fan - 18 Inch - White
Outdoor Fan 14 Inch - White Color

Build your own fan misting system by selecting the Oudoor Fan Size, Stainless Steel Ring Size, Nozzle Type and the Tubing Size, for the customized system for your application.

You can also pick from our Mid Pressure Misting Pump - 250 PSI or the High Pressure Misting Pump - 1500 PSI. 

Nozzles are not included with the rings.

Fan Misting Rings and Fan Hubs - Witout Fans

wind_chiller Fan_Mister_Low_Pressure Fan_Misting_ring Fan_Center_Hub fan_magnetic_center_hub

Retro Misting Kits - Misting Pump, Misting Rings - No Fans

misting_fan_system fan_mister_high_pressure

Mid Pressure Misting Fan Systems

14_Inch_Outdoor_Fan 18_Inch_Misting_Fan 24_Inch_Misting_Fan 24_Inch_Misting_Fan

Create your customized fan misting system with :

  • Choose from the Stainless Steel Ring, or the Center Mist Fan hub - Patented 
  • Select from the 250 PSI Mid pressure Misting Pump or the High Pressure Misting Pump
  • Make a selection of the feed line based on the pressure of your misting system
  • Make a seleciton of the nozzles for your system using the recommendations
  • if you are not using a pump, you may want to add a filter to your selection to prevent your misting nozzles from clogging
Nozzle Selection Tips
  • 0.020 & 0.015 Orifice Size -  For low pressure misting systems  (40 -100 PSI)
  • 0.012               Orifice Size - For Mid  Pressure Systems  ( 160 PSI - 250 PSI)
  • 0.008               Orifice Size - For Mid/High  Pressure Systems ( 250 PSI - 1000 PSI)
  • 0.006               Orifice Size - For High  Pressure Systems ( 1000 PSI - 1500 PSI)
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The old sku number is MC9010
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