Misting Fan System 18" Fan - High Pressure

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Utilizing industry leading 1500psi pumps and the highest quality misting nozzles, our 18” misting fan kit is the perfect way to transform your hot places such as backyard into a cool outdoor space and host a great cookout for friends during the day. This fan kit has the ability to lower the temperature of the surroundings up to 30 degrees F. Once installed, it can create an immediate cooling zone without any residual moisture or getting floor wetness. And that’s not an exaggeration.

You can now control the misting pump with an add-on Smart phone controller.(Requires strong WiFi signal at the pump)

Who says you should stay indoors because it’s scorching hot outside? With Mist Cooling Inc’s 18”Misting Fan Kit, it’s simple and easy to make your outdoors cool and relaxing even when the sun shines with all its brightness. Our 18” misting fan kit is a perfect combination of easy installation, superior performance and sleek looks. And this is exactly why it is repeatedly selected by customers to cool high profile venues like restaurants, sports events, theme parks, five star hotels and industrial plants.

This high pressure mister has a built in 1500psi misting pump capable of supporting not 1 or 2 but up to 8 fans. It is UL and OSHA approved, that makes it the best choice for outdoor use. The pump is enclosed with non corrosive enclosure that makes it durable and provides it protection from extreme weather conditions.

If you are worried about the noise, then relax! This misting fan operates quietly. You can place the pump near your seating area to provide your guests a comfortable and cool environment without any worries.

Our 18” Misting Fan Kit is expandable and can easily be customized according to your event cooling needs and requirements. To show our confidence in our product, we offer you 1 year warranty on the fans and pumps against defects.

You can now control the misting pump with an add-on Smart phone controller ( Requires strong WiFi signal at the pump)

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