Misting Fan System - 14 Inch Fan

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Cooling large patios can be challenging and sometimes, even override your budget. Keeping this in consideration, we present our advanced misting fan system designed to instantly cool environments and that too, cost-effectively. It’s perhaps the best and most affordable commercial misting fan systems you can find! 

  • Black Fans have a 4 - 6 week lead time


    Base Misting Fan Kit Includes:

    • 1 - Max1500 PSI High pressure Misting Pump with No water cut-off, pressure bypass, Solenoid, outdoor enclosure and Commercial Filtration
    • 1 - High Velocity 14'' Dia 3 speed Fan with Mounting Bracket - Prewired Patented Center Mist Fan hub Assembly
    • 1 - Patented Center Mist Fan hub Assembly with Ultrafine KBN RED Mist Nozzle
    • 25 Ft high pressure flexible mist tubing (per fan)
    • Push lock fittings for the misting system
    • All necessary misting parts and accessories for installation.


    Misting Fan Features:

    • Includes Antidrip KBN RED mist nozzle
    • High Velocity
    • 3 Speed Pull Chain
    • Includes wall mount bracket and hardware
    • Includes 3 prong power cord - prewired
    • Stainless Steel Center Hub with mounting hardware
    • 1/4'' push lock inlet
    • Optional On/off Valve

    Ingeniously integrated with 1500psi misting pump and 14”misting fan, and powered by our patented center fan misting hub technology, this cooling system offers unparalleled performance - creating comfortable and cool surroundings immediately. Each Mist Fan is UL 507 certified, which ensures it is safe to use for both outdoor and indoor applications. Besides this, this system also comes with additional safety features like no water cut-off switch, commercial filtration and automatic water on/off valve.

    Based on the principles of energy exchange, heat transfer and flash evaporation, this misting system has the power and the ability to cool your surroundings effectively by up to 30°F.

    This misting fan system is ideal for keeping settings like outdoor seating areas, restaurants, warehouses, industrial plants, patios and backyards cool. When it comes to operation, it is fast and whisper quiet so you don’t have to worry about the noise.

    To install this system, you don’t need to hire a professional. That’s right! It is extremely easy to set up and install. 

    The old sku number is MC1350

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