Misting Fan System 14" Fan - High Pressure


Our 14” High velocity with high Pressure Misting Fan Kit provides you a quick, affordable and reliable option to keep your surroundings cool, both evenly and efficiently. This DIY mister system has the ability to lower the temperature of the surroundings up to 30°F. It utilizes industry leading pumps and top quality misting nozzles that contribute to its superior performance and enable this misting system to work efficiently, creating a cooling zone for you instantly without out any residual moisture.

Base Fan Mist Kit Includes:

  • 2 - 14'' High velocity 3 Speed Fan with 4 Nozzle Stainless Steel Ring
  • 1- 1500PSI High Pressure Pump with Solenoid, Pressure Switch and Filtration
  • 1- 25ft Roll of Flexible HP Tubing 1/4'' 4
  • Ultrafine, Anti-drip Brass/Stainless Steel orifice Misting Nozzles
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Clamps and All necessary fittings for easy DIY installation

If you’re looking for an outdoor cooling system that has a great aesthetic appeal and has the ability to transform your hot surroundings into an immediate cooling zone, then consider investing in our High Velocity 14” High Pressure Misting Fan Kit. Due to sealed fan motor, it can be leave outside and called as a outdoor use misting fan Boasting a UL and OSHA approved 1500psi high pressure pump with features like Solenoid, Filtration and Pressure Switch, this misting kit has the capability to support up to 8 fans and throw air up to 20 feet. The stainless steel mist ring and fittings on the fans are not only rated for 2000PSI, but they complement the misting system’s visual appeal. At Mist Cooling Inc, we are confident of the quality of our products. We offer 1 year warranty on our pumps and fans against defects and lifetime warranty on the stainless steel mist rings.

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