Mistcooling Misting Nozzles


Typically used for water misting  to create a ultra fine tiny droplets and delivers a very fine spray in the form of Mist-Fog using liquid pressure only – no compressed air required, ideal for Evaporative cooling, Moistening, Humidifying, climate control, dust suppression, insects control and many many more applications.

Uniform distribution of wide rate of flow rates and pressures Choice of spray angles and Easy installation and maintenance, Button-Series Brass-Body, Stainless-Steel 10/24” Female thread Misting Nozzle with optional nickel-plating is the ultimate for cosmetic looks, protection against oxidation, and cost versus other comparable mist nozzles on the market today.

 Whether you are replacing old nozzles or building your own Misting System, insert these misting nozzles into Misting Fittings installed on Misting Tubing in a Mist System to achieve Special Effects Fog-Misting, spray tanning, brewing, and other similar applications.

Available in 0.024, 0.032, and 0.040 orifice sizes to create different types of light to heavier mist curtain. 


  • Made with sturdy extruded non-ferrous anti-rust non-corrosive nickel-plated brass with a fixed impeller pin and stainless-steel orifice. 

  • 60-70-degree cone-pattern spray covers the most application area. 

  • With its larger orifice sizes, and large passage in the connector it is good for spraying higher viscosity liquids also 

  • The Nickel-Plated brass nozzles have passed 100 hours of salt mist testing (most corrosive conditions) and are considered an economical alternative to all all-Stainless-Steel Body Mist Nozzles. 

  • Nickel-Plating provides additional strength to the brass body, making these Nozzles a better choice over standard Nozzles on the Market. 

Applications include cool misting for gazebos, porches, patios, chicken coups, hog pens, barns, or for special effects, spray tanning, brewing, corral cooling and more... 


  • Standard 10/24-Inch Threading 

  • Brass Body Nozzle with Stainless-Steel Orifice 

  • Optional Nickel-Plating available 

  • Available in wide varieties of flow, to create desired mist 

  • Depending upon Nozzle orifice size,

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