Mid Pressure Mist Tent - Best Seller

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This is our best selling misting tent, featuring a high quality 160psi mid pressure pump, UV coated tubing and directional misting heads- best suited for outdoor settings and perfect to keep your summers cool.

When it comes to quick cooling in the summers, our mid pressure misting tent is a top choice among buyers. This is a 10x10 foldable tent with a built-in misting system. The water is generated through the 160psi pressure pump through the small orifices of the nozzles and emitted in the air in the form of tiny droplets which help create a cool mist in and around the tent. The canopy of the tent provides users shade from the scorching sun.

The tubing used in this system is made of nylon flexible and is UV protected, so rest assured that it will not crack or burst during the hottest summer days. The high pressure push lock fittings also allow for quick and easy system expansion.

With the help of directional misting heads, you can easily adjust the flow of mist inwards and outwards to counter wind directions. Mid pressure mist tent is a top choice to mist all kinds of outdoor events in summers, such as backyard cookouts, BBQs, birthday parties and camping. It remains a repeatedly chosen misting product for cooling even high profile venues like theme parks and sports events.

The old sku number is MC1703


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