Mid Pressure Mist Kit - 1/2 Inch PVC

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Create your very own oasis in the hottest summer months. This DIY mid pressure misting kit allows you to build your own mist cooling system using pvc fittings and pvc pipe. Save trips to the hardware store and eliminate the hassle of cutting and measuring the PVC tube. Mist Kit includes Pre-cut PVC pipe and pre-threaded fittings. Easy to install, durable, and expandable. 

250 PSI Misting Pump Features

  • 110 vAC
  • 1.2 Amps
  • 0.90 GPM
  • Max 250 PSI
  • On/Off Switch
  • 6 Ft 3 Prong Plug
  • Inlet -  3/4 Inch Garden Hose Fitting
  • Outlet - 3/8 Inch or 1/4 Inch Push Lock Fitting
  • Dimensions - 19 X 7 X 8 Inches

Mist Cooling Inc's Mid Pressure Misting System effectively lowers the temperature of your patio with less residual moisture compared to those of lower pressure systems. This PVC mist kit is designed with longevity in mind and includes everything you need for quick and easy installation.

Each of our patio misting systems comes with our industry leading mid pressure misting pump. This kit can withstand a maximum pressure of 250PSI, with built in features like thermal safety switch, solenoid and filtration. For the user’s convenience, the PVC tubing has been pre-cut and the misting tees are pre-threaded for stainless steel orifice fog nozzles. The pump is capable of supplying an optimal flow to support 40 misting nozzles. The rust proof outdoor enclosure protects the pump and electrical components from the elements.

All Mid Pressure Systems come standard with our exclusive Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles. These low flow nozzles are specially engineered and have a long lifespan and provide trouble free operation without wasting water. Our high quality PVC Mist Kits include specially made UV protected, unmarked PVC pipes to ensure a professional looks and durability for years to come. MistCooling Inc's mid pressure misting systems are designed to perform flawlessly and will instantly create a cool, comfortable environment without sacrificing the looks of your patio. All kits are expandable and can be customized to your specifications.


Base 10 Nozzle Mist Kit Includes:

  • 1- Max 250 psi mid pressure pump with built-in solenoid & filtration in an Outdoor Enclosure;
  • 1- 1 ft length 1/2" UV resistant PVC pipe;
  • 9 - 2 ft length 1/2" UV resistant PVC pipe;
  • 1- 1/2" PVC elbow;
  • 10- 1/2" misting nozzle Tees;
  • 10 - Ultra fine Stainless Steel Misting nozzles 0.012'' Orifice;
  • 1 - 1/2" PVC end plug;
  • 1- End Plug to close the line;
  • 12 - PVC mounting clamps
  • 1- PVC glue
The old sku number is MC645
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