HydroBreeze Portable Misting System

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Hydro Breeze Portable Cool Mister System with industry-leading 160psi Mid-Pressure or 1500psi High-Pressure Misting Pump. 24” or 30” outdoor-rated, high-velocity industrial Oscillating 3-Speed Mist Fan with Misting Ring and 4, 6, 8, or 10-Nozzle pre-threaded 10/24” slots and ultra-fine Misting Nozzles covers a wide area producing a high volume of ultra-fine cooling mist to instantly reduce temperatures by up to 30°F. Throws air with ultra-fine cooling mist up to 40’. Completely portable on rolling cart and totally customizable Misting System with 15-gallon water tank storage ensures up to 7 hours of cooling with intermittent use. 110V ac. For athletic events to cool athletes or spectators, picnics, corporate events, weddings, construction zones, festivals, and more.


Summer is here temperature-wise, and you need something to cool spectators and players at your sporting event, so they will feel comfortable and stay for the entire event. Not to mention, it will probably improve everyone’s mood and respectively influence their behavior and performance.


Our Hydro Breeze Portable Misting System with industry-leading high-pressure mist pump. This powerful misting unit generates a large volume of ultra-fine mist to instantly cool surrounding areas. The oscillating three-speed mist fan covers a wide area and helps cool large crowds. All-terrain rolling cart and outdoor rating make it perfect for sporting events, rehab centers, construction or industrial use.

Create cooling zones and prevent heat exhaustion at sporting events, construction zones, refineries, festivals and more; provide relief and improve the productivity of workers under the hot sun or use it for recreational use. Our self-contained 15-gallon water tank will ensure up to 7 hours of mist time per fill with intermittent use. Mist system runs on 110v and can also be powered by a portable generator.


* Completely portable Mister System on rolling cart

* Totally customizable outdoor Cooling System to fit your needs

* Creates a large volume of ultra-fine mist reducing temperatures by up to 30°F

* High-Velocity outdoor-rated 24” or 30” Oscillating Fan throws air up to 40’

* Unit is outdoor-rated so there is no danger of shorting out or fire

* 15-Gallon water tank lasts up to 7 hours of intermittent run time and is easily refillable


* 110V ac, 60 Hz Voltage

* 4 Amps (160psi), 7 Amps (1500psi)

* Outdoor-rated, high-velocity Misting Fan throws cool misted air up to 40’

The old sku number is MC585

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