High Pressure Mist Tent - 1500PSI

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Perfect for outdoor picnics and sport events, this is a 10x10 foldable, preassembled and high pressure mist tent featuring a 1500psi booster pump for high volume of ultra-fine fog like mist with zero residual moisture.

Enjoy two benefits in one with our high pressure mist tent. It provides excellent shade from the hot sun and the misting system attached to it helps create a cool and comfortable zone instantly - all you need to enjoy summers to the fullest!

The water is generated through the 1500psi booster pump which is broken down into billions of tiny particles of 5 micron and sprayed in the air through the nozzles. The water droplets are minute which are easily absorbed by the heat and vaporized, thus creating cool air immediately and without any residual moisture - leaving the surface dry. The mist heads are adjustable which gives you the flexibility to direct them in or away from the tent to counter wind directions.

All components used are corrosion resistant and the tubing is UV, treated making it ideal for outdoor use and ensuring your investment is safe for years to come.

The old sku number is MC1701

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