Golf Cart Mister


Stay cool with a light cool mist of water while playing golf on hot summer day with help of Golf Cart Mister. Easy to install and operates with a on/off switch, reducing temperatures by up to 20 degrees, for a up to 6 hours.

This unit can be manually controlled by a simple switch. When "on", the unit pumps a light, cool mist of water into the seating area of the cart. Riders in the cart can notice up to a 20 degrees temperature reduction compared to the outside temperature.The unit can be installed in minutes without the use of any tools. Connects to golf cart 12vdc battery.


  • 20 ft-300 PSI pressure rated UV resistant ¼" poly tubing:
  • 2 ultrafine Brass/Stainless Steel misting nozzles
  • 1 ¼" misting tees:
  • 3 ¼' misting elbow:
  • 4 Spring-loaded clamps :
  • 300 Psi Pump, 3.00Amp with a 4.5 Gallon Water
  • Reservoir tank
  • Misting Nozzles
  • Push Lock Fittings
  • Toggle Switch
  • Electrical Connections Pre-wired, battery connection with alligator clips.
  • Custom built tank to fit golf cart lasts up to 4-6 hours per fill
  • 300 Psi Pump
The old sku number is MC301
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