Landscape Fogging System

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Powered by 1500psi high pressure pump and adjustable stainless-steel mist risers with 5 ultra-fine nozzles, our landscape fogging system generates a large volume of cool fog in seconds. It’s the best way to cool your surrounding and give your outdoors a tropical feel this summer.

    Based on the flash-evaporation principle, our high pressure landscape fogging system is all you need to transform your residential landscape into a cool and tropical oasis. The fog like mist looks attractive and stirs excitement among children, making summer’s fun like never before.

    The water is generated through the high pressure pump of 1500psi into the nozzles that break down water into tiny droplets which are emitted in the air. Since the droplets are very tiny, it gives a foggy effect and looks unbelievably dramatic, wowing everyone in the surroundings. You can install multiple misters in the bushes and throughout your backyard and garden to create more drama.

    It can also be installed in theme parks and studios. Since its chemical free, it also provides a safe alternative to create smoke on movie sets with no discomfort or health-risk to the actors and the audience.


    Base 10 Nozzle Kit Includes:

    • 1- 1500 PSI Misting Pump with Solenoid, Pressure Switch, commercial filtration, outdoor enclosure with built in cyclic on/off timer
    • 1-50 Ft 1/4" HP Nylon Tubing
    • 2- HP Push lock misting tees
    • 2- HP Stainless Steel Risers with stake
    • 2- 5 Nozzle Mist Cluster
    • 10- Stainless Steel Orifice Nozzle- 0.008" Orifice
    • 1 - End Plug to end the line


    • Cyclic On/Off timer range: 10 Seconds - 10 Minutes
    • Built in solenoid, pressure switch and commercial filtration
    • Flexible tubing can be buried underground
    • Stainless steel mist risers with lifetime warranty
    • Outdoor steel enclosure - rust proof
    • Stainless steel orifice fogging nozzles
    • Custom risers and expansion kits are available on request
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