Flexible Nozzle Extensions - LP


6-Inch Flexible, Plastic Mist Nozzle Extension with 10/24-Inch Male Inlet and Female outlet thread for Low-Pressure Mist Systems under 100psiRuns Mist Line in another direction to cover different application areas on the same line. High-Pressure Fixed Nozzle Extensions are also available. Use a 3-Way Tee with this ExtensionParticularly useful on fixed fitting cool Mist Systems like DIY Flexible and PVC Mist Systems. Easily attaches to Misting Tees or Mist Elbows. Mist Nozzles NOT included.  


Flexible Nozzle Extensions provide exact directional mist control and allow for hidden installations behind facia board. The 6” Flexible Mist Nozzle Extension with 10/24 thread can be used in place of a standard Mist NozzleIt extends the mist spray another 6” and allows user to direct it as desired. Especially useful on fixed fitting Mist Systems such as the DIY Flexible Misting System and PVC Mist System. Easily attaches to misting tees or elbows.  Direct the mist spray as preferred length and direction allows for hidden installations behind facia board. Widely used to join misting tees or elbows on fixed fitting mist systems. Custom lengths available. Nozzles not included. 

Applications include cool misting around the outside of your home or office, on restaurant patios, in daycare playgrounds, at public playgrounds, in warehouses or manufacturing plants, and much more. 

The old sku is: MC127

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