Female Male Female Misting Tee


This is an advanced and high quality pipe threaded fitting offered exclusively by MistCooling Inc. Featuring three openings, this is a premium low to high pressure female male female tee perfect for connecting heavy duty pipes and can be used for changing the direction of pipe runs.

This tee is designed for superior performance and can be used easily to connect misting system pipes as well as fluid line for smooth flow and no fluid leakage which otherwise can reduce fluid/water pressure and misting system performance. You can use this female male female tee, when the size of the pipe is same as header pipes. It has the same inlet and outlet size.

This is a brass tube fitting with 1/4” NPT threads to Connect and by pass or distributes fluid lines. The 3 way fitting has 3 openings positioned at 90-degrees from each other for connecting and branching three zones, NPT threads creating a tighter seal than straight threads. This fitting is made of brass for corrosion resistance with nickel plated, ductility at high temperatures, can be connected to copper, thermo plastic, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel tubing for high pressure mistcooling misting application, The bar stock material used has fair vibration resistance and is suitable in low, med and high pressure applications.

In other words, even when it is exposed to extreme weather conditions like rain, humidity or soaring temperatures female male female tee will not lose its luster. Hence your investment remains safe for years.

The old SKU is MC148

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