Fan Misting system-High Velocity Outdoor Fan


Boasting UL 507 certification, our high velocity mist fan is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cooling use. This fan is a powerhouse, designed for performance. It features 1500psi high pressure stainless steel misting ring and 3 speed pull chain. Select from 14 Inch, 18 Inch or the 24 and 30 Inch Oscillating Outdoor Rated fans. Available in black and white colors.

This is a high performance mist fan that is compatible to run and function with a wide variety of mid pressure and high pressure pumps. Whether you wish to use it with a 160psi pump or 1000psi pump, it will function perfectly without any hassle.

The fan features mountable clamps which makes it easy for users to hang it on walls. It makes a great choice for cooling homes with pets and children running around. With this fan hanging on your wall, you can easily keep your surroundings cool with the peace of mind that it is out of children’s reach.

These fans are 3 speed consume less current and whisper made weather proof for outdoor application.

The old sku number is MC110

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