Dust Control 30 Nozzles


Featuring a 25 HP fan, 150 ft long power code and 250 LPM water capacity, our dust control misting machine is the best way to suppress large volumes of dust created during handling and manufacturing operations in warehouses.

    Large volumes of dust can pose health risks for workers. Dust drifting in the air can lead to severe health hazards like respiratory problems and your facility can become subject to citations and fines. To comply with the law and ensure the workers’ safety, install our dust control misting machine.

    It is a powerful misting machine with a mobile wheel carriage exclusively engineered to suppress dust in industrial facilities. It has 30 ultra-fine misting nozzles that give off 5 micron sized water droplets that suppress dust without wetting your facility, equipment and inventory. You can carry it wherever you want and make sure your facility is dust free.

    It find many application such as Demolition, Material Handling, Coal Handling, Biomass, Environmental Remediation, Fly Ash Handling, Landfill Mining, Quarrying, Recycling, Recycler, Scrap, Steel, Slag, Waste Transfer and many more.

    The Old SKU Number Is: DS30

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