1/4 Drain Valve Tee - Push Lock


10/24” thread Drain Valve evacuate the air from the water in your Misting System Line once the pump is turned on. When air is separated and eliminated in Misting Linevibration is prevented. 

Mist Cooling Inc Drain Valve with 10/24” Thread helps to keep your misting system running smoothly. When you turn on your pump, there is not only water already in the line but also air. The Drain Valve works to remove the air from the water and expel it from the line.

Drain Valve 10/24 Thread 

Your misting system including pump will not be the same without this added value of a Drain Valve from Mist Cooling Inc! Cool misting for residential, commercial, and industrial outdoor spaces and indoor-workspaces, Odor and Dust control for construction sites and more. Sample application areas include mist cooling backyards, patios, balconies, gardens, greenhouses, barns, stables, warehouses, manufacturing floors, refineries, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, cooling towers, restaurant patios, courtyards, commercial building break areas, and more 

The old SKU is MC250D
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