Cross Four way Compression - 3/8 - MC381


Unlike a regular 2 way compression tube fitting, this is an advanced and cutting edge cross four way compression tee that gives you the power to attach not two but four tubes with ease. With this compression fitting, you can spare yourself from soldering. It is super easy to install and requires no special tools or deployment skills.

If you need to distribute misting line in 4 different directions, then you need 4 way compression cross union, which distribute one misting line in four different directions by using this 4 way compression cross union tube fitting, which makes four different misting zones from single line.

This is a high quality and brass cross 4 way compression cross union plated with nickel and designed to maximize the misting performance of 3/8 misting systems. It offers excellent value for money. With this compression deployed in your mist cooling system you can leverage the water flow performance through the system. Plus its water tight and double ferrule design ensures that the compression tee fits smoothly and tightly on the pipe so that there is no water leakage and helps you create branch lines by connecting not just 2 but 4 pipes.

  • The nickel plating on this compression tube fitting union cross makes it corrosion resistant, low maintenance and durable, keeping its luster intact for years to come.

The old SKU is MC381-1

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