Commercial Pre Cooling System


Simply put, the Power of Ac Pre-Cooling comes from our ability of atomized water to evaporate and absorb heat (cool) more efficiently than any other means of evaporative cooling with very little cost or energy use (as much as 80% less than other pre-cooling methods).
Mist Cooling Inc, a leader in the mist cooling industry since 1997, has taken this enormous cooling power and engineered it into specific systems designed to use the least amount of resources while dramatically increasing the cooling efficiency of industrial air-cooled systems

    These systems are categorized into 2 main types:

    1.100% Evaporative Air Pre-Cooling: Here we use mid to high pressure (250 to 1500 PSI) pumps, the smallest water atomizing nozzles and automated controls to achieve 100% inlet air evaporation. Meaning we do not get anything wet. These systems are primarily used for pre-cooling larger Dry Cooling Towers & Turbine air intakes.

    2. Evaporative Air & Direct Heat Exchange Pre-Cooling: Here we use lower pressure (180 PSI) pumps, larger atomizing nozzles and automated controls to achieve a combination of air cooling and direct Heat Exchange water cooling. Meaning we cool the surrounding air of the heat exchanger, as well as get the coils slightly damp (with non-scaling, treated water). This gives us the largest efficiency boost for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Condensers.

    The Ac pre-cooling systems save money by:

    • Reducing equipment energy costs by up to 30% (you achieve the same or even more cooling, with much less energy).
    • Allowing equipment to run more efficiently, thus extending its life.
    • Delaying or eliminating the need for additional cooling equipment.
    • Optimizing turbine performance by condensing inlet air.
    • Keeping heat-generating equipment running a peak performance and optimal output.
    • Increasing the cooling capacity of air-cooled equipment, allowing it to operate at full capacity even during extreme heat conditions.

    Our Pre-cooling Systems can be used on any air-cooled AC/refrigeration, Cooling Towers and other equipment

    For more information or for a formal quote, please contact us with details of your ac units and/or application.


    Our Pre-Cool systems are comprised of high-performance, low-maintenance components. It can be mechanically added to any commercial-grade (split) central air conditioning system - without impact on warranties and often without the need for system shutdown. We build each installation to meet specific requirements and specifications of the location.

    No two installations are alike. The installation has almost no impact on building operations. Depending upon local building codes, permits are usually not required (contact us for a quote). All installations are performed by our factory-trained Authorized Dealers and Installers or by a local contractor of your choice using our instruction materials (some service restrictions may apply).


    • Head pressure and amperage draw are reduced
    • Output temperature is reduced
    • “Time-on” cycles are reduced
    • Energy consumption is reduced
    • The coefficient of performance (COP) is increased
    • The life of the condenser is extended
    • Cools air up to 40 degrees

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