Cleanable Stainless Steel Nozzle


Save precious time and money from maintenance of clogged, non-performing nozzles with our cleanable fog pin nozzle. Cleanable, Anti-Drip 10/24” Thread Misting Nozzle with Fog Pin offers lasting, reusable performance with Misting Systems emitting the finest quality cool mist.

Various material of Contruction available such as Brass and All stainless-steel construction with a cleanable Fog Pin, Viton O-Ring Seals, and 60-70° Cone pattern spray. Multiple orifice sizes from which to choose. Min working pressure 60psi. Anti-Drip for use with Mist Cooling Inc Misting Systems.


You are tired of maintenance on replacement of clogged, non-performing mist nozzles stealing your weekend time. You are looking for an affordable upgraded solution freeing up time to relax and enjoy the things you like to do with family and friends. 


Mistcooling’s high-performance stainless-steel Cool Mister Nozzle completely resists rusting with use of a variety of liquids. Its cleanable Fog Pin design makes it easy to clean and allows you to put clogged nozzles back in service fast. This nozzle saves you time and money associated with maintenance of clogged-non-performing nozzles, and now you are free of one more maintenance project. 


  • Most of cleanable Mist Nozzles eliminates need to purchase new nozzles; nozzles can simply be soaked in warm water with Nozzle Cleaning Solution as needed. 

  • Misting nozzle is all rust-proof stainless-steel construction. 

  • Long-lasting reusable performance. 

  • The nozzle’s Cleanable Fog Pin design saves time and money replacing clogged nozzles. 

  • Anti-Drip stainless-steel Spring and Viton Burb Misting Nozzles do not drip water onto surface below creating puddles on chairs, tables, or ground. 

  • Viton Seals provide indefinite seal for temperatures up to 400-Degrees F and are suitable for most corrosive liquids. 

  • 60-80-Degree Cone Pattern Spray covers more application area. 

  • Minimum working pressure 60psi. 

  • 10/24” Thread Size is a universal size. 

  • Available in 0.006 (lowest Flow), 0.008 (Low Flow), 0.012 (Medium Flow), 0.015 High Flow, and 0.020 (Highest Flow) Orifice Sizes. 

  • Inline Filter Option Available; 


The old SKU is MC610-SFA

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