Canopy Logo Printing

  • Make a long-lasting impression on your potential customers at the summer trade show by installing a custom designed and fully-branded mist tent. At MistCooling Inc., we also specialize in canopy logo printing. We can transform your misting tent into a strong brand advertisement that’s hard to go unnoticed.
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Whether you are looking for full-digital printing services, dye sublimation or silk screening services, we have the expertise in it all and a custom designed misting tent is perfect for tradeshows held during the summer season.

It’s a great way to create buzz and brand awareness, draw attention of the people, attract potential customers and keep the audience surrounding and visiting your booth to learn more about your business. The cooling will make customers quite comfortable and this will help them stick around and learn more about your products, thereby increasing your chances of converting them into actual buyers and making more sales.


  • Prices shown are for canopy printing service only. Does not include tent frame or misting system. Lead times may vary.

The old sku number is Canopyprint

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