Special Effects Mist Fogging System for Outdoors

Have you ever seen the misty effect near the pool side especially in the movies and in theme parks? Does it leave you awestruck? Do you often wonder how do they do it? And wish you could do it too and create the same mesmerizing ambience near your pool area? If yes, then your wish is granted! MistCooling Inc offers home-owners its special effects mist fogging system, helping you create a breath-taking and jaw-dropping tropical oasis in your backyard at an affordable price.

High Pressure Fogging System – How it Works?

Powered by industry-leading 1500psi pumps, adjustable and corrosion resistant mist risers  and a built in cyclic on/off timer, a high pressure fogging system helps you produce large volume of fog, creating a tropical atmosphere throughout your residential landscape.

These systems give you the flexibility to install multiple risers anywhere you like and since the risers are adjustable, you can direct the fog in any desired angle. The 1500 psi pump also ensures that you enjoy fog like mist with practically zero residual moisture. The high pressure water generated through this pump into the nozzles is broken down into tiny/ultra-fine droplets that result in fog-like mist. You can’t possibly enjoy a fog-like mist with 250 or 100 psi pumps, that’s for sure!

Special effects mist fogging systems help create a cool tropical atmosphere in your home without spending big and without any discomfort. It is a safe alternative to creating fogging effects without the use of chemicals and oils that are hazardous to the health and known to cause breathing problems and skin irritation.

Besides residential use, these systems can also be used on movie sets and in theme parks. Our systems use water to create a similar mist, ensuring that people in the surroundings enjoy the cool effects with no discomfort or possible risk of injury.

At MistCooling Inc, we specialize in special effects high pressure fogging systems. We take pride in being one of the few companies to provide clients with 1500psi pumps. We also offer you a wide range of fogging systems at affordable prices with quality assurance. So browse through our range today to evaluate your choices before you make your final decision.

For more information about our high pressure fogging systems or technical assistance, feel free to call us on 1-888-493-5967.

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