Misting Fan Ring – Turn Your Fan into an Air Cooling Misting Fan

Summers are here! Before the weather becomes super hot, it’s best to invest and install in cooling solutions to beat the heat and keep your family and pets safe from heat stress. Heat, especially during mid June and July, often becomes extreme because of which many people feel dehydrated and even faint.

When it comes to installing cooling solutions, budget is a big factor. Though air-conditioning your rooms is a great way to stay cool but it requires a pretty big investment and other expenses associated with air-conditioning are high energy bills and maintenance cost.

If you have a low budget, and air-conditioning is not an option, then this post is a good read for you as we show you how you can turn your regular fan into an air chilling misting machine and that too, without overriding your budget. Excited already?

Well, all you need to turn any fan in your home into a cooling misting fan is a Misting fan ring. Simply put, with a mist ring, you can convert any standard outdoor fan into a power mist spraying fan in seconds. You can also effectively enhance the cooling-power of your standard fan by adding a mist fan ring to it. It is probably the most economical way to make your outdoors cool.

About Misting Fan Ring

Before we explain how misting fan ring work, first let us explain what misting fan ring is. As the name suggests, these are ring shaped equipment made from stainless steel tube and welded with nozzle holders, featuring screw-in replaceable nozzles.

How They Work?

1. Simply attach the misting fan ring to the grill of your standard fan with the ties provided.

2. Then connect the feed line with a 3 way tee to the main line that is connected with your mid pressure system booster pump. This will help you easily transform your outdoor setting into a relaxing oasis.

MistCooling Inc.

At MistCooling Inc. we specialize in misting systems and equipment supplies. We offer a large range of mist fan rings of different sizes and nozzle deployment capacity. Browse our range to find the mist ring that suits your needs the best. For more information or technical assistance, feel free to contact us.

Call us at 1-888-493-5967 to discuss your cooling needs and allow our representative to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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