Know About Low, Mid and High Pressure Misting Systems

In mid June and July, the outdoors can become pretty hot. If you’re planning to install a mist system in your backyard this summer and are shopping around to evaluate your choices, then chances are, you must have come across three different types of mist systems – low, mid and high pressure misting systems.

For first time buyers, mist system selection can be difficult because of so many options. Today, we’ll walk you through these options so that you can make a wise purchase decision according to your misting needs and budget.

Low Pressure Misting Systems

A low pressure mist system operates on your standard city water pressure, 40 psi to 60 psi. In other words, this system does not require an expensive misting pump to function. It can be easily hooked to your water faucet or directly to a garden hose.

Generally, a low pressure misting system has the ability to cool outdoor temperature up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This system is best suited for home owners with a low budget. Although the quality of mist is not as fine and residual moisture free as the other two systems, but it does provide you good cooling at an affordable price.

Mid Pressure Misting Systems

In comparison to a low pressure misting system, mid pressure system requires a 160 psi or 250 psi misting pump to operate and finer nozzles. The misting pump helps generate water with more pressure through the misting nozzles, thus spraying finer quality mist that is absorbed more quickly by the sun’s heat. And the faster the water droplets are evaporated, the faster you will be able to cool your surroundings.

The quality of mist of a mid pressure misting system when compared to a low pressure system, is finer, but in comparison to a high pressure system, the droplets are slightly bigger. But the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about residual moisture. However, depending on the time of the day, it may slightly take longer for the droplets to vaporize in the air.

High Pressure Misting Systems

High pressure misting systems utilize specialized pumps that are of 750 psi, 1000 psi or 1500 psi. All components used in this system are high pressure rated, such as the tubing, nozzles and the misting pump. This helps the system work efficiently without any mishaps like cracks in the tubing due to high pressure.

By installing a high pressure mist system, you can enjoy ultra-fine quality of mist without any residual moisture. The droplets released through high pressure system misting nozzles are very tiny and fog-like. They are instantly evaporated by the sun’s heat, thus creating a large bubble of cool air in a few seconds.

A high pressure system is an excellent choice for those home owners who want a system that does not leave the surroundings wet, helps keep surroundings super cool even on the hottest of days and functions perfectly in moderate and high humidity conditions.

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