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Cooling for Post Hurricane Florence

Hydro Breeze Bully Fan

Here at Mist Cooling, Inc, our thoughts and prayers are with the soon to be affected people in the Carolinas, Virginia, and wherever #HurricaneFlorence challenges the well-being of people and property. We are in Houston so we know what it’s like to go without electricity for days, even weeks. Harvey as we now call it is still fresh in all of our minds. It was hot and humid for weeks after the hurricane with no electricity available to multitudes of people and #pets. On this subject, we can offer products that can keep volunteers, firefighters, rescue personnel, shelters, restaurants, distribution centers, and #AnimalShelters cooler by up to 30°F without needing electricity post-Hurricane. We have an array of portable cool misting systems like the #BullyFan which includes a #powergenerator. For all other #PortableMistCoolingSystems we offer, the same generator can be added to your order. Shipments leave our warehouse quickly, and we will do everything we can to get your order to you as soon as possible. Overnight shipping is available.

Powered with Portable Generator, this High-Performance Outdoor-Rated Cool Mister Fan requires no water or electric outlet to function. Instantly lowers temps by up to 30°F creating an instant cooling zone for 5-10 hours depending upon selected tank size and intermittent use. Includes 160psi or 1500psi High-Pressure Cooling Mist Pump in weather-proof Enclosure, Stainless-Steel Mist Ring with 10/24” thread Nozzle Slots, ultra-fine Brass Cooling Mist Nozzles with Stainless-Steel Orifices, 110V ac Portable Power Generator that runs for 5 hours with 1 gallon fuel tank, 30-gallon Reservoir, Rolling Cart w/all-terrain Pneumatic Tires, Locking Front Caster, and Rear Level Support. Even the wheels are to great advantage in after-storm ground conditions.

We hope the outcome is that Hurricane Florence lessens in strength and the storm surge is minimal.

Wishing you all the best of health and safety.

Mist Cooling Inc Team

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