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Let me just say, whether you believe in global warming or climate change is irrelevant. The frequency and intensity of the hot temperatures we are all now experiencing are in part, hitting the record books. According to the Scientific American, Scientists are reporting that June 2018 turned out to be the fourth-hottest month ever recorded globally. “Warmer than average global temperatures have become the new normal,” says Jay Lawrimore, chief of climate analysis at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, which tracks these numbers. “The global temperature has increased more than one-degree Fahrenheit [0.7 degrees C] since 1900, and the rate of warming since the late 1970s has been about three times greater than the century-scale trend.”

So, there you have it. Folks are saying this is our new normal whether due to naturally changing climate patterns or man-made changes. And, we as humans no longer evolve and acclimate as we once did in past years to changing weather conditions. This is due in part to the air conditioning in almost every home and office.

So where does that leave us? Is our time outside now limited to early morning and late evening? I once worked with a woman who never went out. She went from her house to her enclosed garage, to her car, to underground parking, to the underground pedestrian tunnel into our air-conditioned building. Not a single step was taken outside. Well, for the majority of us, that won’t do.

So, the challenge is to find ways to keep our bodies (and our families and pets) at a reasonable, safe temperature when we are outside, avoiding heat-related health issues that take a toll on our bodies. Of course, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! But that isn’t enough.

We have many off the shelf and custom mist cooling options for maintaining reasonable body temperatures outside, including misting systems to mount on the outside of our homes, stationary fans to mist cool us, individual hand-held mist cooling, or portable fans (on wheels) to bring with us to outdoor events. All of these options will lower the ambient temperature by up to 30-degrees F. We even have pool coolers to reduce way-too-warm pool water temperatures by up to 12-degrees F.

At the moment, we are featuring our High-Pressure 1500psi Cool Misting System for either residential, commercial, or industrial use. The HP 1500psi Misting System is the best of the best – the mist this system produces is so ultra-fine it is fog-like, very refreshing, and rapidly cools the application area.

For more information about how to keep cool and enjoy every bit of the great outdoors at all times of the day and evening, visit the link above, call us, or email us. We are glad to answer your questions about our products.

Keep cool, fellow outdoors lovers.

Keeping outdoors cool where air-conditioning systems can’t be used has always been a challenge for home and business facility owners, like restaurant owners. If you’re also struggling to keep your outdoor settings cool and looking for an affordable cooling alternative, then you might want to consider misting systems.

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A patio does more than just enhance your curb appeal. Many homeowners install patios to expand their living space; and relax and unwind after a long day of hard work while there are some who love hosting cookouts in their patio and gathering friends together for some fun. However, the sun often ruins the fun when you have to cancel your cookouts because of the scorching heat outside or limit all your fun-filled activities to your indoor space until the sun goes down.

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